Types of Airport Jobs and Aviation Careers


A degree in aviation management is something which will get you working on day-to-day operations on airlines. There are many aviation managers who can allow you to work with the aeronautical engineering field, which can allow you to have overseeing aircraft productions. With aviation still growing can allow you to have more significant projects available in the coming years. The need for a private and commercial pilot is something which has skyrocketed over the years. Earning an aviation management degree is great as it allows you to enjoy every step of the training which can get you succeeding and allow you to stay in demand in aviation careers.

Pilot, co-pilot and flight engineers

If you have a pilot’s license, you can work in any commercial pilot and airline pilot. A commercial pilot does require you to have a college degree where you can schedule flights based on private, corporate and charter flights which can help you stay responsible for loading baggage and greeting passengers.

flight engineers

Air Traffic Controller

The air traffic controller can help monitor and direct the movement of the aircraft on the ground and in the air. They provide you with takeoff instructions to pilot, communicate with flight response even during an event of an emergency.

Aircraft and Avionics Mechanics

As an aircraft mechanic, you play a key role in the safety of the airplane crew and passenger which helps them examine, diagnose and repair any electrical and mechanical problem. It is also estimated that the Aircraft Mechanical Jobs have been projected to grow 5%.


Airport Managers

As an airport manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the behind-the-scenes work of an airport with the maintenance and safety of the airfield, airport and airline scheduling.

Transportation security screener

Transportation Security Administration helps you, screen passengers, baggage or cargo to help ensure that you stay with the compliance with security regulations. There are over 42,000 transportation security jobs with a salary of approximately $40,580. This is a profession which will help you progress, learn and be more open about the new opportunities across the world.

Airfield operations specialists

As an airfield operations specialist, you need to make sure that you are safe when it comes to taking off and landing an aircraft coordinating between air-traffic control and maintenance. It is estimated that 8,760 airfield operation specialist needs and with the average salary of $48,000.


Aeronautical Engineer

With an aeronautical engineer, you can play a key role in the design, analysis, development and manufacturing of aircraft. There are studies which estimate that by 2026 the aeronautical engineering jobs will grow 6% and can allow you to make a more efficient aircraft. You can expect a median salary of $113,030 for being an aeronautical engineer.

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